UX Design

Your website is more often than not your customer’s first impression of your company. First impression count for everything and you want to get right. It needs to be a functional display of your products or services, without any obstructions in that experience. As digital consumers our attention spans are short and if we fail to engage, empower and or call to action you lose the battle before it has begun. UX refers to a customer’s interaction with your business. Often with your website, and the usability when browsing it. It removes the guess work from the design process and turns a subjective exercise into an objective one.
UX is a service that incorporates much more than the website design. It takes into account the needs, wants and expectations of a business and its customers. Research will form the basis of any design and development. When your website is complete, it will mean better conversion rates and make interacting with your business a pleasure.

Good UX works for you In the back ground

More often than not, a good UX is invisible. Working in the background to provide an easier experience for the customer. Yet, bad UX is obvious. Poor design or tone of voice, obstructions stopping a customer from completing a task. Taking too long to load or creating unnecessary obstacles. Poor UX Even includes websites that do not work properly or can not be found.

UX frames everything

People assume that UX refers to the design of a website, but that simply isn’t the case. UX incorporates every aspect of your website from the development to the digital marketing. It collates everything to make sure each separate facet is actually working seamlessly together. Resulting in a wholly better experience for the customer.

Discovering UX and the future

Gathering research and relevant data is important when considering UX in your website. It will inform future decisions and make a big impact on how we will structure your site. This research will be a continuous process. It can not be a “file & forget” approach. Where changes have to be made when adhering to updates in technology, marketing and trends.
When choosing your company, customers want a quick, functional and easy to use service, with no obstructions. We must make sure your website is the same by considering UX in the design.
By applying UX to your website, you will find a much more positive reaction to your business as well as a better user engagement with your products and services. Alongside being a rewarding aspect of your website design, UX will result in a return on your investment that will benefit your company in the long-term
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