Premium Web Hosting

UK Data Centers
At Appsters we are happy and proud to offer our managed web hosting service to all our customers. We combine the use of our state of the art equipment. Boasting enterprise level technical support to deliver resilient, available and secure web hosting services.
Offering a Data Centre Providing our customers with a guaranteed network uptime is important to us. That is why our data centre is accredited to the latest operational standards. (including ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO14001). It also includes dual power supplies, back-up generators and dual connectivity for maximum Internet resilience.
Centres located in Shropshire or London. Our data centres are powered and operated by one of Europe’s leading providers of premium data centres. They boast a range of benefits including; Approved bio metric access.
Monitored 24/7/365 single person entry.
Highly sensitive VESDA fire detection and suppression systems
and advanced energy efficient technologies.
We use multiple interconnected routers to provide our network with advanced routing redundancy. Our servers are dual-processor Xeon based systems that connect to an enterprise vendor storage array. The Array has redundant power, redundant containers and multi-path fibre channel connectivity. By using a vSphere VMware management platform, we are able to automatically switch your virtual server to another physical server in the unlikely event of an issue. This happens instantly, meaning no noticeable downtime for you or your customers.
We provide bare metal back secure backups and DDOS services should you need it. Here at Appsters we pride ourselves on close customer contact. Our customer service is always personal and we ensure our web hosting service callers speak with our hosting technicians to offer a complete service to our customers. For more information about our premium hosting services, contact us at your convenience.
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