Network Wi-Fi

Indoor WiFi (WLAN) Installations

Appsters specialise in providing fast, efficient and effective wireless network installations with the least disruption to your business.
Our dedicated team of network infrastructure designers and installers have a wealth of knowledge and industry expertise. Having installed wired and wireless networks within all manner of enterprise, commercial and business environments. With a focus on aesthetics, we take great care to safeguard the impact of wireless hardware on your business premises.

Outdoor & Public WiFi (WLAN) installations

Implementing a robust wireless network in the most challenging conditions is what we do best. The ubiquity of WiFi and the reliance on the technology for many mission-critical business activities has led to a rise in the need to extend networks beyond traditional indoor spaces.
Free WiFi in public places is not so much a bonus but an expectation for today’s growing band of mobile users. From libraries, museums and sports stadiums to coffee shops and outdoor shopping parks. Public WiFi installations are the perfect way to engage customers whilst monetising what can be a significant investment.
With secure and compliant public WiFi and Guest WiFi the options are endless. From branded splash pages to social media login and a wealth of user analytics data. You can use this to push highly-relevant offers and promotions to new and returning visitors.

Offering a range of outdoor WiFi solutions (Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint & Wireless Mesh), Appsters can provide network coverage across any outdoor space and across large distances.